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Interview: Nej!Las Speaks To Us About Her Love For Music, And More

We spoke to Techno/Electric house artist, Nej!Las, about her love of music and her take on the Tech/Electro House scene at the moment. :Tech/Electro house is a specific but interesting scene, what were some of the things that attracted you to playing this type of music?  Nej!Las: The ability (and even the requirement) to make, […]

In Conversation with…Nej!Las

What attracted you to the techno/electro/house scene? The ability (and even the requirement) to make, not only harmonic melodies and bass lines, but to additionally have percussion and drums that could, by themselves, carry a song. Techno/electro/house pushes the envelope by requiring and allowing for creativity in all areas of a song. It requires one […]


1- When did you first get into music? What or who inspired you? Jugurtha is a project we started about two years ago. We both have different backgrounds, yet with similar influences. Yassin: “I grew up in Tunisia, where traditional music is culturally everywhere, flowing social rites and practices. This made my ear sensitive to […]