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We Talk To Brazilian Jazz Fusion Pianist Ricardo Bacelar Just In Time For The Release Of His Brand New Album ‘Sebastiana’

    Multi-instrumentalist Ricardo Bacelar has recently released his brand new album ‘Sebastiana’, a collection of sounds influenced by different musicians, and instruments. However, the main theme is seemingly Brazilian, which suits, as leading man Ricardo is from Fortaleza in Brazil. We got the chance talk to Ricardo about the life he has lived leading up […]

Its Make Or Break For Wicked Empire

  A DJ, a producer, a writer, composer, performer and lastly US military man. Christopher Dickinson is a dedicated music enthusiast, who doesn’t let being in the middle east hold him back from following his dream. When asked about how he balances his work life between music life, he replied “I usually get off work […]

Interview: Nej!Las Speaks To Us About Her Love For Music, And More

We spoke to Techno/Electric house artist, Nej!Las, about her love of music and her take on the Tech/Electro House scene at the moment. :Tech/Electro house is a specific but interesting scene, what were some of the things that attracted you to playing this type of music?  Nej!Las: The ability (and even the requirement) to make, […]

In Conversation With…Mihail Doman

What attracted you to the specific area of classical music you work in? I grew up listening to Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis and Klaus Schulze – I’ve always liked the electronic music of those times (70s and 80s). And I wanted to write some music in that vein, but as it turns out things changed, […]

In Conversation with…Nej!Las

What attracted you to the techno/electro/house scene? The ability (and even the requirement) to make, not only harmonic melodies and bass lines, but to additionally have percussion and drums that could, by themselves, carry a song. Techno/electro/house pushes the envelope by requiring and allowing for creativity in all areas of a song. It requires one […]

Get to Know: Voldo Blanka

Electro-pop connoisseur and craftsman Voldo Blanka kindly had a little chat with us to tell us where his unique brand of music comes from. You can listen to ‘Go Your Way’ here:   When did you first get into music? What or who Inspired you? I’ve been playing music since diapers, and playing in bands since […]

Introducing: The Outside Illusion

Unsigned Interviews got up close and personal with Brazilian guitar band, the Outside Illusion’s lead man, Denis Salgado. The band have recently released their new album Silent Communication which empowers the ethics of instrumental music. Check out what he had to say below: When did you first get into music? What or who Inspired you? I first […]

GET TO KNOW: Atticus

When did you first get into music? What or who Inspired you? I was into songwriting from an early age, almost by accident. My first memory of it was primary school. We were doing a song in class the next day and the teacher asked if anyone could play the guitar. Nobody put there hand up […]