Its Make Or Break For Wicked Empire


A DJ, a producer, a writer, composer, performer and lastly US military man.

Christopher Dickinson is a dedicated music enthusiast, who doesn’t let being in the middle east hold him back from following his dream.

When asked about how he balances his work life between music life, he replied “I usually get off work at 17:00-18:00 at night, and ill go into my room for 4 or 5 hours, creating, experimenting, practicing”. This easily shows how committed he is with this simple statement. However, this is no call for sympathy. His drive and love for music and the immense respect he has for his favourite artists is immense.

“One of my biggest influences when it comes to creating my music, would be Skrillex and Alan walker. I’m trying to experiment and become my own”. 

It is clear that this man, has now got his eyes set the prize that is full time music making, hopeful of leaving the army.

Be sure to check it out:




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